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High Quality Custom Colourful Aluminium Foil Flexible Duct
Release time:2020-03-05 16:31
Combi-alu/pvc flexible

Technical specification
Technical properties
Combi air
Construction 1 Ply Aluminium
  1 Ply Polyester
  1 Ply PVC
PVC Color Black
Available Diameters Ø 102
  Ø 127
  Ø 150
  Ø 160
  Ø 203
  Ø 254
  Ø 305
  Ø 315
  Ø 356
  Ø 406
  Ø 457
  Ø 508
Wire Pitch 18mm(Ø≥102mm)
Temperature Range -30°C/+140°C
Air Velocity 20 m/s(max)
Operating Pressure(max) -188 to + 2500Pa
Standard Length 10m
Packing Single Cardboard Box
The combi-alu/pvc flexible ducts are used in ventilation, air conditioning, and air handling systems with low and moderate air pressure where a high mechanical strength, temperature and fire resistance is required
produced from multi-layer aluminium & polyester strengthened with high tension steel spring wire, covered with a PVC layer.
Combi-alu/pvc flexible is more effective against condensation than a standard non-insulated aluminium flexible air duct. In order to prevent condensation the surface temperature of the duct shall be kept higher than the dew point of the air surrounding it. A PVC layer on the outer surface of Combi-alu/pvc flexible acts as an insulation which makes the duct more impermeable to water and keeps surface temperature higher.
Punctures and tears could also lead to condensation and air 
leaks. Prevention from such deformations is achieved by adding a PVC layer which maintains more mechanical resistance than aluminum flexible air duct. Combi-alu/pvc flexible is elastic and flexible.

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