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Fire Resistance Double Layer Aluminum Flexible Insulated Foi
Release time:2020-03-05 16:20
Acoustic insulated aluminium flexible

Technical specification
Technical Properties Multi Layer Single Layer
Inner Duct Construction 2 ply aluminium 1 ply aluminium
  1 ply polyester 1 ply polyester
Jacket Construction 1 ply aluminium 1 ply aluminium
  1 ply polyester 1 ply polyester
Available Diameters Ø 102 Ø 102
  Ø 127 Ø 127
  Ø 152 Ø 152
  Ø 160 Ø 160
  Ø 203 Ø 203
  Ø 254 Ø 254
  Ø 305 Ø 305
  Ø 315 Ø 315
  Ø 356 Ø 356
  Ø 406 Ø 406
  Ø 456 Ø 456
  Ø 508 Ø 508
Temperature Range -30°C / +140°C -30°C / +140°C
Air Velocity 30 m/s (max) 30 m/s (max)
Operating Pressure 3000 Pa(max) 3000 Pa(max)
Insulation Glass Wool Glass Wool
Insulation Thicknes 25 mm 25 mm
Insulation Densitys 16 kg/m3 16 kg/m3
Standard Length 10 m 10 m
Fire Resistance Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
Packing Single cardboard box Single cardboard box
Specifically produced for low and medium pressure heating, cooling,ventilation, exhaust and air conditioning systems.
Produced from multi-layer aluminium and polyester, strengthened with high tension hard steel spring wire,sounded with glass wool insulation and an aluminium vapour barrier.
High elasticity and flexibility.
It can be easily fitted to circular, oval or rectangular connectors.
The dimensions, tolerances and mechanical are tested, classified & certified according to EN 13180 standard.

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