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Aluminium Semi Flexible Air Ducts
Release time:2020-03-05 17:24
Aluminum semi flexible air ducts

Technical specification
Technical properties Combi air
Temperature range From -10℃ till + 200℃
Air velocity(max) 15 m/s
Operating pressure(max) + 2000 Pa
Bend radius 1 x D
Diameter range 82mm-315mm
Fire resistance A1 according DIN4102KL and EN3180
The aluminum semi flexible air ducts is a semi-flexible 1-layer aluminium alloy duct.
The aluminum semi flexible air ducts is easy to install on circular connection parts.
As the product does not contain PVC, no toxic vapours are released should fire occur
The aluminum semi flexible air ducts flexible ducts are used in ventilation, air conditioning,and air handling systems where a high mechanical strength is required.
Spiral wound and profiled strip from aluminium alloy, thickness: 80 μ
Colour: Aluminium (in black colour available on request)
Chemical resistence
Good resistance to many solvents
Moderate resistance to acid and base
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