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Pipe Clamp with Combi Nut
Release time:2020-06-12 11:25
Spiral duct clamp with rubber - NKSC

Code Fixing Range(mm) Bolt Steel Section(mm) Nut
NKSC80 82.4 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC100 103.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC125 128.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC140 143.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC150 153.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC160 163.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC180 183.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC200 203.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC224 227.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC250 253.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC280 284.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC300 304.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC315 319.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC355 359.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC400 404.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC450 456.4 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC500 504.8 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC560 564.8 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC600 604.8 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC630 636.0 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC710 716.0 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC800 806.0 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC900 906.0 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC1000 1007.2 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC1120 1127.2 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
NKSC1250 1257.2 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10

Used for suspension of circular ducts the Clamps are especially designed for vibration
Dia 80 up to 400 mm with screw M6 on either side,1-point suspension with M8/M10 nut on top
Dia 450 up to 1000 mm with 2-point suspension with M10 hole on either side

Made of hot dipped sendzimir zinc plated steel
Maximum suspended weight: 500 kg
Width is 20 mm for Dia 80 - 400 mm and 25 mm above Dia 400 mm
Thickness is 1.8 mm under Dia 400 mm and 2.3 mm above Dia 400 mm
Rubber inlay:
Working temperature: -40°C + 120°C  
Material hardness: HS 60° +/-3°
Threaded rods, type THA (not included)

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