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Clamping strips
Release time:2020-03-20 17:24
Clamping strips

Size Range of diameters(mm)
90 φ50-90
110 φ50-110
135 φ50-135
165 φ50-165
215 φ50-215
270 φ50-270
315 φ50-315
325 φ50-325
380 φ50-380
525 φ50-525
660 φ50-660

The cable tie is made of stainless steel tape.
The band is necessary for connecting elastic wires with moldings,connections, nozzles, etc. Pre-shaped edges of the band tape prevent from being damaged during its installation and assembly.
The band has a screw clamp that guarantees a tight and durable connection.
The entire length of the band has notches thanks to which it is possible to use the band even for small diameters.

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