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Reducing Tee(CxCxC)
Release time:2020-04-10 14:06
Reducing Tee(CxCxC)

ASME B16.22 EN1254-1
T7/8x7/8x5/8 T22X22X15
T1 1/8x1 1/8x7/8 T28X28X22
T1 3/8x1 3/8x7/8 T35X35X22
T1 3/8x1 3/8x1 1/8 T35X35X28
T1 5/8x1 5/8x1 1/8 T42X42X28
T1 5/8x1 5/8x1 3/8 T42X42X35
T2 1/8x2 1/8x7/8 T54X54X22
T2 1/8x2 1/8x1 1/8 T54X54X28
T2 1/8x2 1/8x1 3/8 T54X54X35
T2 1/8x2 1/8x1 5/8 T54X54X42
T2 5/8x2 5/8x1 3/8 T67X67X35
T2 5/8x2 5/8x1 5/8 T67X67X42
T2 5/8x2 5/8x2 1/8 T67X67X54
T3 1/8x3 1/8x1 5/8 T76X76X42
T3 1/8x3 1/8x2 1/8 T76X76X54
T3 1/8x3 1/8x2 5/8 T76X76X67
T4 1/8x4 1/8x3 1/8 T108X108X76
T5 1/8x5 1/8x4 1/8 T133X133X108
T6 1/8x6 1/8x3 1/8 T159X159X108
T6 1/8x6 1/8x5 1/8 T159X159X133

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